Today we’re pleased to announce the S1/01. This new S-Series watch pays homage to the brand’s infamous rounded square box with an animation ring that pays its industrial roots forward.

From the beginning, the idea of representing clean technology in a SEVENFRIDAY watch inspired by industry was a design application we had to explore. The open design and transparent animation ring is also the best vector to portray the inner workings of the mechanism and reveal the serious construction of the box for the first time. This is where style meets function.

The S1/01 is an anomaly of sorts. The open work interface suggests skeleton yet the caseback which houses the NFC chip sets a new design standard, of which only SEVENFRIDAY can achieve. The open balance wheel of the engine and design detail leave little to the imagination. The S1/01 was built to display the wheels and gears that provide the movement of this timepiece.

The clear recyclable animation ring with visible screws around the squared box are signature SEVENFRIDAY style and makes no apologies for its dynamic use of the space as it seems to float on the individuals’ wrist. The S1/01 is an amalgamation of applied design of the SEVENFRIDAY aesthetic with special attention to quality and distinction.